What People are Saying


“Inspiring performance… as good as one might see in the West End….so impressive, I’d like to bring the story to a wider audience.”
Mark Reed
Theatre Manager, Brentwood Theatre UK
Brentwood UK
“”After all these years, Corrie ten Boom returns to Europe! We were privileged to host the European premiere of ”Corrie Remembers” by Susan Sandager and it was a night to remember for us. Because we’ve a church of over 50 nationalities the audience came from various faith backgrounds and cultures, including Dutch Christians and European Jews. They were so attentive that you could have heard a pew squeak. At a time when Europe is once more smoldering with racism and sectarian anxiety, in walks this dear Righteous Gentile to charm and challenge the whole lot of us. Corrie’s poignant message and soothing presence reminded us of Christ’s most basic mandate that we must love one another as God loved us. Hers is voice that must again be heard.””
Richard Davis
Pastor, The international Protestant Church of Zurich
“I want to compliment you for the spirit in which you portrayed the person and message of our ”Auntie Corrie” whom I knew well. ……I am at your side dear Susie.”

Jan Willem van der Hoeven
Director, International Christian Zionist Center

“”It was such a powerful performance. Thank you for pouring your heart into the role of Corrie. What a tremendous ministry you have.””

Justin Marbury
Pastor, Calvary of Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Fabulous evening ….. We had Jews and Christians from Afula, Jerusalem, Karmiel, Nazareth and lots of yishuvim around. There were students in their twenties, folks in their seventies, and everything in between. There were (at least!) Catholics, various kinds of Evangelicals, Brethren, secular Jews and Orthodox Jews. There were Arabs, Jews, Americans and Europeans. And everyone was inspired, some for the first time, by the story of Corrie ten Boom. Tremendous. The Galilee Center for Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations at Yezreel Valley College hit a home run.
Dr. Faydra Shapiro, Director Center for Studies in Jewish Christian Relations
Yezreel Valley Collge, Afula Israe”

Dr.Faydra shapiro
Director, Center for studies in Jewish Christian Relations
Yezreel Valley College, Afula Israel

“Thank you for bringing to life an important part of Christian history. 
It was as if we were transported back in time to sit at the feet of Corrie Ten Boom. 
This presentation is more than history for it motivates believers toward persevering
in life’s most challenging situations…(it) emphasizes the importance of God’s value 
on the Jewish people. The mixture of well-presented drama interspersed with well-timed 
video clips and concluding comments, blended together to create an unforgettable evening
for all age groups. I would recommend this presentation in the highest regard. 
Thanks for a quality performance.”

Jim Revelle
Pastor, Pathway Church
Shorewood IL

“”Susie gave an incredibly moving, authentic and sensitive performance of ‘Corrie Remembers’ here at St. Thomas’s to a rapt and appreciative audience. I’ve still got people thanking me for booking the event and both young and old alike saying how deeply it effected them. Bless you, Susie, and may you continue to deliver Corrie Ten Boom’s beautiful message of love and forgiveness for many more years to come. And for any organizations, churches or schools thinking of putting this event on: don’t hesitate, book it today!””

Damian Scott
Worship Pastor, St Thomas’s Church of England Church
Kendal, UK

“Susie Sandager’s presentation of “Corrie Remembers” brought together over three hundred Jews, Protestants, Catholics and Unitarians from four churches and a synagogue for a deeply moving, uplifting experience. Her presentation not only shed light on a little-known story of faith and courage, but inspired those in attendance to further interfaith cooperation.”

Linda Motzkin & Jonathan Rubenstein
Rabbis, Temple Sinai
Saratoga Springs, New York

“I was deeply impressed with the power and truth and realism of your performance as the ‘righteous gentile’ Corrie ten Boom. I would urge everyone who is interested in the Holocaust, Israel or the Jewish people, or in the courage of unique and extraordinary individuals to see your mini-play.”

Morton A. Klein
National President, Zionist Organization of America
New York, New York

“An awesome presentation, making Corrie ten Boom’s passion and love for God and His people so vivid. Truly an inspiration.”

Theo Abbenhuis
International Development Director, Ebenezer Operation Exodus Jerusalem

“I almost gasped. It was as if Corrie herself had entered the auditorium, the Corrie we met in the 1970’s. It was as if Corrie had risen from the dead. It was an amazing performance from an actress who never studied acting.”

Ludwig Schneider
Editor-in-Chief, Israel Today

“Your performances were very informative, thought provoking, engaging and memorable. It is clear how moved and motivated the audience was by your presentations.”

Jaime J. Monllor
Program Director, U.S. Holocaust Museum
Washington , DC

“Relating to the Shoah is mind-numbing because of the sheer magnitude of millions of lives lost. Our only hope is to connect to individual lives and stories that touch our hearts. Corrie Remembers is powerful because, through Susie Sandager’s ”anointing” as the person to carry one woman’s story forward through the generations, we connect to one heart, one soul who could not idly stand by. Through her, we see the faces and hear the voices of those she rescued, those she could not, even the humanity of some of the perpetrators who were caught in that horrible web. Corrie continues to rescue all of us, as we are given a chance to remember our humanity, and the power of a single act of redemption.”

Caitlin Blumberg
Cantor, B’Nai Israel
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“When Susie Sandager brings Corrie Ten Boom to life on stage, I feel that she is most definitely divinely inspired, as though she were a prophet herself. Her message is certainly as important as those of the prophets, and her delivery is as convincing. The energy and talent she brings is a gift from G-d.”

Josh Perlman
Cantor, Rockville, Maryland

“Susie Sandager’s presentation of Corrie ten Boom has become more and more powerful over the years. Our community is very fortunate to have someone who is so talented and passionate in her belief that one person can make a difference. Watching and listening to Susie, you are transported into another time and place as she becomes Corrie.”

Regina Turner
Executive Director, New Mexico Human Rights Projects

“Your recent presentation of the Corrie ten Boom story to our Hadassah Chapter, in conjunction with the Jewish Community Center was truly magnificent. Everyone who saw you is still speaking your praises…You brought tears and laughter to a mesmerized audience and taught us that a world which could stand by and see the horrors of the Holocaust and do nothing must shoulder some of the blame. And then you took that statement home to the here and now…..you taught a powerful message by means of your caring and your talent.”

Lana Waltzer
President, Hadassah, The Womens Zionist Organization of America
Asheville Chapter

“When she (Susie) performed and spoke here, there were Jews who were so moved by her comments that they cried, and then stood and cheered.”

Alan Respler
Co-Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey
Catholic-Jewish Comission of New Jersey

“Last evening’s performance of “Corrie Remembers” was superb, and your masterful presentation captivated the many hundreds in attendance. …. May you be blessed for your noble efforts.”

Richard J. Margolis
Dr., Rabbi,

“Our congregation was truly blessed by Susie Sandager’s powerful portrayal of Corrie ten Boom. Our church members were deeply moved, as were those in the surrounding community who joined us for this dramatic presentation. We enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Susie’s message and ministry to pastors and congregations who would like to learn more about the exceptional life and witness of Corrie ten Boom and also the Christian Church’s unique relationship with the nation of Israel.”

Bruce and Kirsten Wilder
Dr. and Mrs, Faith Lutheran Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I could not have hoped for a better outcome: A Jewish event and not one complaint!!! You must have been a hit!”

Alan Rosenberg
Brevard County, Florida

“I was deeply impressed with the power and truth and realism of your performance as the “righteous gentile” Corrie ten Boom. I would urge anyone who is interested in the Holocaust, Israel or the Jewish people, or in the courage of unique and extraordinary individuals to see your mini-play. G-d bless you, with love and respect.”

Morton A. Klein
National President, Zionist Organization of America
New York, New York

“I believe that if Corrie Ten Boom could have witnessed the warmth generated in the Beth Tzedec by Susan Sandager’s portrayal of her life, she would have been proud to be a catalyst for Christian-Jewish understanding. For that is what the ‘Corrie Remembers’ event became – an exercise of Christian-Jewish dialogue. On so many levels, this collaboration was a success – I sincerely hope you share my enthusiasm!”

Judy Shapiro
Community Relations Director, Calgary Jewish Community Council
Calgary, Canada

“Truly outstanding…both the narrative and the dramatic portrayal…so real was the presentation that many wept.”

Rabbi Kenneth I. Segel
Rabbi, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Susie Sandager’s portrayal of Corrie Ten Boom is a testimony to the power of faith in changing hearts and minds. Her ability to transform herself into this righteous woman is nothing short of remarkable. I highly recommend this program to anyone—Jew or Christian. After seeing Susie as Corrie, you will realize that even in the midst of darkness, G-d’s presence can be felt. Susie is a bridge builder. She has dedicated herself to the vital task of forging links between Jews and Christians. G-d Bless Susie Sandager!!!”

Rabbi Joe Black
Rabbi, Congregation Albert
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Susan Sandager seems to actually become the character in her remarkable performance, Corrie Remembers. Her portrayal is both riveting and emotional. I noted many tearful eyes in the audience, including my own.”

Andrew Lipman
President & CEO, New Mexico Museum of Holocaust and Intolerance

“Incredible! The performance, the story… a must for Jewish and Christian audiences alike!”

Susan Seligman
Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I have seen Corrie Remembers several times now, in the States and here in Israel, yet I never tire of doing so. That haunting refrain—with reference to Corrie’s father, ‘He never changed!’—will echo in my heart as long as I live.”

Moshe Aumann
Minister (retired), Foreign Ministry of Israel

“… incredible portrayal… I was amazed and also pleasantly surprised by how moved I, myself, was in watching…”

Yechiel Eckstein
Rabbi, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews
Chicago, IL

“This was one of the most moving presentations that I have ever heard. Susie captured the unique personality of Corrie ten Boom. Susie captured not only the unique personality of Corrie ten Boom but also her tenacity and determination to save Jews only because they were human beings. I would enthusiastically recommend this presentation.”

Ephraim Kaye
Director International Seminars for Educators, The International School for Holocaust Studies

Yad Vashem, Israel
“One of the most incredible performances that I have ever seen, both in terms of the beauty of the presentation and in the story that it tells of one woman’s love for her fellow man in the face of adversity.”

Martin Goldman
Director Survivor Affairs, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington , DC

“Corrie Ten Boom was a woman with a special legacy born out of her experiences in the Dutch Resistance and at a Nazi concentration camp. She was one of those brave Righteous Gentiles motivated to act because of her beliefs. The story of the Ten Boom family is unique and its telling requires the same convictions and spiritual understanding, as the family shared. The Corrie Remembers performance by Susie Sandager is moving and has a spiritual quality that is hard to define. The performance does not only touch the soul but reaches the heart and the mind. I warmly recommend Corrie Remembers by Susie Sandager to churches, theaters and community centers anywhere in the world.”

Dr. Susanna Kokkonen
Director, Christian Friends of Yad Vashem

“Susie Sandager as Corrie ten Boom is a beautiful and powerful presentation of a heart for Christ’s forgiveness and love. We were blessed to host Susie at our annual Celebration of Light Christmas brunch in 2010 and our ladies were moved by the love of Susie and the ministry of Corrie ten Boom. We pray that Susie’s ministry continues to share the love and forgiveness of Christ and that her commanding message reaches far across the globe.”

Lenya Heitzig
Senior Pastor’s Wife/Executive Director of she Ministires, Calvary Chapel
Albuquerque, NM




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