Imagine seeing your neighbors torn from their homes and businesses by the police. No crime has been committed. They have been deemed unfit and marked for death. Helping them would be a crime. Would you have the courage to intervene? The Ten Boom family did. In 1944 their choice to rescue persecuted Jews meant risking their own lives and sharing the the collective fate of the Jewish people in Nazi concentration camps. Corrie Remembers, the solo drama, tells the true story of the Righteous Gentile and 20th Century Heroine. Corrie Ten Boom.

Attend a Performance

Through Susie’s excellent performance you will feel as though you are a personal guest in Corrie Ten Boom’s home as she recounts memories of her harrowing and yet uplifting story that reaches with living hope from the pages of history to touch your heart in a troubled world today.

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Bring Corrie remembers to your own event. Miss Ten Boom’s Timeless testimony will bring your audience to tears as they realize the significance for their own lives today. Susie Sandager tells the true story with such beauty and passion. It’s as though you are indeed hearing Corrie Ten Boom herself speak.

Be a part of changing lives one performance at a time. By sending your tax deductible donation, you are joining us in continuing the legacy of Corrie Ten Boom, helping us spread this beautiful true story of hope and forgiveness to audiences around the world.