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ABQ, NM January 25. 26. 27.

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So attentive... could have heard a pew squeak

After all these years, Corrie ten Boom returns to Europe! We were privileged to host the European premiere of Corrie Remembers by Susan Sandager and it was a night to remember for us. Because we’ve a church of over 50 nationalities the audience came from various faith backgrounds and cultures, including Dutch Christians and European Jews. They were so attentive that you could have heard a pew squeak. At a time when Europe is once more smoldering with racism and sectarian anxiety, in walks this dear Righteous Gentile to charm and challenge the whole lot of us. Corrie’s poignant message and soothing presence reminded us of Christ’s most basic mandate that we must love one another as God loved us. Hers is a voice that must again be heard.

~Richard Davis

Pastor of The International Protestant Church of Zurich

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