Corrie Remembers (DVD)

Susan Sandager’s riveting performance portraying Corrie ten Boom will pull back the curtain for an intimate perspective on the life and work of the remarkable rescuer and her family.

This DVD copy contains the professionally filmed live performance in its entirety–bringing this timeless story that Susan has presented around the world to your home, church, or schoolroom.

“Corrie Remembers” Is a spellbinding one woman show that breathes life into the memory and legacy of Corrie Ten Boom, Dutch Holocaust Survivor and Rescuer. She and her family helped hundreds of Jews escape the Nazi death machine by creating a secret hiding place in their home. The family was ultimately betrayed, arrested and sent to concentration camps along with the Jews they sought to save. Most of her family perished at the hands of the Nazis; however Corrie survived. This remarkable woman spent the rest of her life traveling the world, inspiring others with her story of courage, faith, and hope in the midst of unspeakable evil.


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The profesionally filmed live performance of Corrie Remembers

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A DVD containing the full drama