Bring Corrie remembers to your own event. Miss Ten Boom’s Timeless testimony will bring your audience to tears as they realize the significance for their own lives today. Susie Sandager tells the true story with such beauty and passion. It’s as though you are indeed hearing Corrie Ten Boom herself speak.

Book Corrie Remembers

Check Susie’s Schedule for dates and locations already booked. Then, fill out the form to submit your request to book the solo performance, Corrie Remembers. We will be in contact with you as soon as we can!


Below is a list of basic requirements for booking a performance. We’ve found it to be helpful to provide this list in advance especially when performing in a smaller facility that may not regularly host theatrical productions. Please read this before booking, and download the performance info sheet for more details. 


It is best for the house lights to be very low, with full wash stage lights on “Corrie” while she is performing.

Stage and Set

The drama is set in the early 1970's in an elderly Dutch woman's home. She lives simply and has some antiques and memorabilia from her past.

Stage: Dimensions can vary. For small audiences a space as small as 15 ft across and 10ft deep is adequate.

Screen: There should be a screen to display the videos, ideally elevated and placed down center stage or overhead.

Set and props: (depending on the location we may not be able to bring our own set. The few items below would be needed in such a case)
- Armchair
- Small side table w/drawer
- Small secretary desk or similar table
- Small coffee table
- Coat tree
- Tabletop lamp
- Teapot w/teacup

Audio/Video Equipment

A/V equipment needed:
- MAC.OSX Running Video and Audio Out
- Pro-Presenter or other presentation software
- One Projector-aspect ratio 4:3 720X480
- One or more screens in a non-distracting location

Microphone setup:
- One over-the-ear mic: For the bulk of the performance as Corrie ten Boom. An over-the-ear microphone is preferred, however a lapel could work, if necessary.
- One hand-held mic: When “Corrie” finishes, Susie will change clothes to reappear dressed as herself to finish the presentation. At this juncture Susie requires a hand-held mic so that she doesn’t have to reattach the over-ear mic.

It was as if we were transported back in time...

Thank you for bringing to life an important part of Christian history. It was as if we were transported back in time to sit at the feet of Corrie Ten Boom.This presentation is more than history for it motivates believers toward persevering in life’s most challenging situations…(it) emphasizes the importance of God’s value on the Jewish people. The mixture of well-presented drama interspersed with well-timed video clips and concluding comments, blended together to create an unforgettable evening for all age groups. I would recommend this presentation in the highest regard. 

Thanks for a quality performance.

Jim Revelle Pastor, 

Pathway Church Shorewood, IL