Susie Sandager -5x7 300 dpi photo by Russell Maynor

Susan Sandager

The Unlikely Actress

Susan was born in the small town of Franklin, Kentucky and studied Education at the University of Kentucky. With a bad case of wanderlust, she moved to New York City to pursue a job in the airline industry. Susie made her home in Alburquerque, New Mexico after a 20 year career with two major airlines. This Baptist girl met and married a Norwegian Lutheran, John Sandager, from North Dakota who shared her interest in Israel and the Jewish people. Her biggest accomplishment is their son Smith, who although born with Down Syndrome, has grown into a successful,  young man with exemplary character. The Sandagers are a blended family with four adult children, their spouses, and four young grandchildren whom they love dearly. 

Sharing the life and legacy of the late Corrie ten Boom is Susie’s passion. In addition to her in-depth study of Holocaust history, including a scholarship to Yad VaShem (the Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Jeruslem) she has studied the ten Boom family extensively and interviewed those who knew Corrie. Susan has written and developed several presentations based on the Ten Boom family which are presented as one-woman shows. She has had the opportunity to take the “Corrie” stories to churches, synagogues, prisons and schools all over the United States, as well as to Canada, England, Wales, Israel, Ireland, Switzerland, South Africa, Russia, and even at the parliament in London. Most recently, Susie was invited to tour across Germany.

With no formal training as an actor, but with a calling she could not ignore, Susie has made it her mission to share the Ten Boom family story of moral courage, simple faith, hope, love and reconciliation to serve as a beacon of light and hope in the world

Cried almost the whole way through

…the play brought [Corrie’s story] alive so well. I cried almost the whole way through. I left wondering if I had lived then, would I have found the courage to help Jews rather than ‘mind my own business’ as I do so often in today’s conflicted times.

~an audience member, via The Jerusalem Post

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